Review - Avocado, Olive and Basil body lotion and Basil and Lemon cake*

Avocado and Olive two foods I am not a big fan of but in a lotion they surprisingly work for me, as much as I love my sweet scents, I find the scents of avocado, olive blossoms with lemon and cypress refreshing and soothing. The lotion sinks into my skin really fast leaving it soft and nourished. The lotion is pumped out, I love products that use pumps it means you get to use all of the product so none goes to waste.

Basil and Lemon cake.
Makes twelve cakes. 

For the mix - 150ml Olive Oil, Basil Sprig, 4 eggs, 150g caster sugar, zest and juice of one lemon, 180g plain flour. For the topping - berries (I chose Strawberries) 50g caster sugar, water.

Method - Preheat oven to 180c - Place oil and basil sprig in a pan over low heat and bring to simmer, once done discard the sprig and leave to cool on the side. Once the oil has cooled place in a bowl with the eggs, caster sugar, lemon zest/juice and mix together, once combined fold in flour with a pinch of salt. Pour into cases and cook for around 20 minutes. For the syrup, chop up your berries and put into a pan with 50g caster sugar ad 50ml water, cook until berries are soft and pour over your cakes. I sprinkled some icing sugar over mine. 

Has any beauty products ever inspired you to make something food related?
  1. I love how different scents we love but hate the taste of. I'm weird, I love watermelon suckers but I will not eat a watermelon slice for anything. My dad swears up and down that I'm not normal. Lol


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