The little things.

As you can tell I haven't been blogging as frequently, due to many reasons and just needing a break and a little me time so when I do feel like blogging again i'm 100% there, I do miss it a lot! So i'm hoping that moment comes sooner rather than later.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, I got some nice gifts, mainly books (yay!) But I hope everyone got what they needed/wanted. If you've done a Christmas haul post let me know, I love reading them. Christmas always goes by so quickly, now, I just want NYE and everything to fly by so I can get back to a normal routine, I sound miserable don't I?! I always feel like NYE is hyped up too much, and I'll more than likely stay in since I have no plans at the moment. Tell me I'm not the only one?

Handmade gifts from a blogger friend, Jenny made me a Rabbit and stocking to hang on the tree, so cute and adorable. She also satisfied by sweet tooth with candy canes and chocolate. Thank you Jenny. 

These Christmas cushions with my beautiful doggies on, Alfie and Rocky. My Sister ordered these from ASDA? For £10 each which I think is quite cheap.

Lastly, it snowed! It feels like forever since it snowed. Although I like it, its pretty to look at and my dogs love playing in it. Constant reports on these news drive me insane, it is liked the UK has never seen snow before... 

What little things have made your week?
  1. Can't go wrong with books can you? Love those cushions actually all of your haul is lovely! Be good to see you back again properly soon xx

  2. oh may I say the picture you took of what I sent you is adorable, really love that picture and the angle! and cushions with your dogs on is such a splendid gift, didn't know Asda could do that! I should look into this :) may I just say too, VERY jealous of the George Martin books, I will need to buy them for myself soon (no one got the hints from me this year hehe). I too may well be staying in this year for NYE due to illness :( never mind! have a wonderful new year Hannah! jenny xx

  3. I love your little Flounder stuffed toy! so cute :) I'll be staying in tonight too. husband works tomorrow so we don't have big exciting plans. but that's okay :D

    hope you have a nice 2015!



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