Crafty Creatives box 30 - Mosaic

I'm a bit behind on some of the Crafty Creatives box, but when box thirty arrived on my door I was excited to try it so I spent Tuesday having a nice, relaxing craft day! It was much needed! 

So this months was mosaic, the set included three different colours of mosaic tiles, three glass tea light holders, three candles, tweezers and silicone glue. I haven'tdone any mosaic before so this was pretty basic and easy by simply gluing the tiles onto the holders. I had fun doing this and it was quite therapeutic. The only problem I did have is that the tiles can move around whilst drying so I had to keep checking to make sure they were in the right place.
I'm really happy with the end result, and it is a craft I'd love to do again. Have you tried mosaic before? 

Crafty Creatives is a monthly subscription box that sends a new craft to your door each month (£15 + £2.95pp)  to view past boxes click here.
  1. They look great - love the colours on the green one in particular! I've never tried mosaic before, but always wanted to, this looks like a good introduction to it :)

    1. The green is my fave too =) It's prefect for beginners!


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