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Wednesday, 14 January 2015
Since I've been an avid Tea drinker from a very young age, my teeth have become a little stained, I've tried a few whitening products in the past none that have worked. The Natural Bliss Teeth Whitening Kit (£22.99 for ten applications) is supposed to remove 90-100% of stains over five applications. The kit is 100% natural and vegan something that appeals to me.

natural bliss teeth whitening kit review
The kit comes in three steps, bicorbonated sodium (the white powder) activated willow carbon (the black powder) and lastly curcumin. Each one is applied with either a toothbrush/finger or another preferred method and applied for one to two minutes.

Step one - Bicorbonated Sodium. This cleans the teeth and helps sterilise the mouth, I could really feel this working, my teeth felt extra smooth after applying this and looked whiter in appearance.
Step two - Activated Willow Carbon. This is meant to help combat bad breath, remove tarter and plaque. This stains! It dies my mouth black, and also got stuck in between my teeth a little. 
Step three - Curcumin. This has a natural bleaching effect on teeth. This was my least favourite, it had a spicy taste and I felt like it made my teeth appear yellow.

So after using this for five days here are the results (sorry for the bad picture, its hard taking pictures of your own teeth.) 

My teeth don't appear any whiter than before (well at least I don't think so.) Overall the whole process was fiddly and time consuming. I am quite disappointed I would have loved for this to had worked but it wasn't for me.

Have you tried any whitening kits before, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

*This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. You know I think there is a difference! A very slight one they look smoother, a little cleaner actually. I reckon if you carried on you might see something here, but I would be disappointed too their claims aren't quite right but I do think there's a difference!

    1. You do? Maybe I'm being more skeptical because I was expecting a huge difference! I did think they felt smoother, but the colour stayed the same! I ended up spilling the cucurim so I couldn't carry on but maybe I would've seen a change if I tried it for longer.

    2. Maybe I'm just odd but I'm sure they look different! Apparently if you just used bicarbonate soda regularly it works too, and saves the money!

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