Review - NKD SKN self tan by Vita Liberata*

Friday, 9 January 2015
NKD SKN self tan by Vita Liberata
With the colder months still upon us many of us may be yearning for that Summer tan, although fake tan isn't my cup of tea (I prefer the pale look) my Sister loves having a tan. The NKD SKN (in the colour medium) by Vita Liberata (£14.99) is a brand known for their tanning products, creating natural, organic and ecocert products. 

Application, to use the tanning product you start of by exfoliating your skin, putting the mitt on, pumping out the product (I really like that the product has a pump, meaning you get to use every last drop of the product) then applying over the body starting from bottom of your body to the top. My sister said the product was easy to apply and it dried within a few seconds. 

The colour did initially start of darker before fading to a more natural look. My sister was really happy with the result, it looked natural, the product was easy to use with the results starting to fade after a couple of days. 

Although I didn't use this fake tan all over myself, I did apply it to my stomach just so I could see if it was easy to use. I have used fake tan before when I was very, very young and the one I used was a lotion. In comparison the mousse was a lot easier to use, it soaks into the skin easier, its less messy and with the lotion I always remember having a few blotchy areas. 

Have you used fake tan before? I'd love to hear any experiences! 


  1. I'd love to see some before and after pictures.

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. I did take some, but then my laptop broke and I lost them and neither of use have had the time to take more unfortunately.


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