College update: Lessons

We all have/had our favourite lessons in school/college/university. I love the idea of studying something new, although I've had a range of animals all of my life from dogs, budgies, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, gerbils etc. There is still so much I do not know about animal care. My college course is broken up into seven lessons, animal health, animal accommodation, work experience, biology, handling and behaviour, breeds and grooming and animal feeding. 

Biology has to be one of my favourite lessons, minus the dissection parts, although I like seeing how things work, taking it a part and seeing how everything connects together, being on an animal care course and cutting into animals who have been slaughtered defeats that point a little. Either way I like learning how things work, its crazy because when I think about my own body doing all these things to keep me alive etc. I never really pay much attention to how it all works, I don't understand how my own body works, which I guess we all should.  

Our feeding class has just started to introduce some aspects of the body, by looking at how the mouth works. Our last lesson involved looking at skulls, which I really enjoyed, first of we looked at pictures and had to match up the animals to each skull which is really tricky because you can't tell the actual size. Then we were given real skulls to have a look at, I find them fascinating. I was the only person in the class to guess the teeny tiny skull in the top left correctly, proud moment...  Hopefully the images aren't too small and you can have a go at guessing yourself (listed the answers below.) 

A short little post but I'd love to hear about what was/are your favourite lessons.

(left to right, top to bottom) Mole, Cat, Pig, Dog and Rabbit.
  1. I loved English at school and studying Shakespeare at University.

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. I sometimes wonder what life would have been like had I gone to university somewhere.


  3. I'd love to learn more about biology and do the A level! So difficult once you hit your twenties. Such a diverse and interesting subject and as someone obsessed with nature it would be my dream to actually pursue a career based around it! Lovely blog by the way ^_^


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