A day at Crufts

So a couple of weeks ago I went to Crufts, if you haven't heard of Crufts (which I highly doubt) it is one of the largest dog shows in the world, with people travelling far and wide for this four day dog event. I've never been too Crufts before, I've seen it on TV with the famous green carpet and dogs performing tricks my dogs will never be able to master. I was in two minds about going, mainly because I wasn't sure if I would enjoy it however I do love dogs and I had a day of from work so I went. 

This was a college trip and we went on the first day Gun dog day, if you aren't a fan of dogs or know too much about them dogs are put into groups such as working, hounds, terriers, gun, toy, utility and pastoral. 
Crufts is held on the NEC in Birmingham, if you haven't been there before it is huge and they use all of the halls. My first impression was how many shops there were selling a number of things such as garden, clothes and of course lots of dog food, bedding etc. 

We watched a few shows, some of them were really interesting and informative. While others were entertaining. To be honest there is not much I can say about dogs performing tricks.  For some reason we ended up completely missing the big stadium and found it an hour before we had to leave so I did get to watch some of the West Midland Police department show and then some hunting/racing displays afterwards. I did like the fact that it was open, you can go up to dogs and talk to their owners. 

I must admit, I didn't really enjoy it, it was different to how I imagine it or seen it on TV. I was bored. But a part of me is wondering if  I was bored because I went with college and spent the day with people I barely know and couldn't wonder around at my own pace etc. I would go again with family or friends just to see if I would enjoy it more and maybe when I have money so I can buy things! 

Have any of you been to Crufts, let me know your thoughts! 
  1. Crufts looks amazing - were you there when the controversy about the dogs being poisoned hit or did you avoid it?

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. It wasn't what I expected, we went on the thursday which was apparently the day the dog got poisoned =(


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