Crafty Creatives box 32 - Decoupage

So, when crafty creatives gave us a clue for this months box pointing towards matryoshka dolls (Russian dolls) I was excited, I've always wanted to start a collection of matryoshka dolls, I was hoping for a kit that might involve painting them but instead got one which was découpage. The kit contained the following.

crafty creatives box 32

The doll which was made up of three layers, tissue paper, glue and a brush, now crafty creatives source these kits, I'm not entirely sure where this one was from although I did find one on this site. I did have a few problems with the kit, the brush was of poor quality with some of the hairs falling out and also the pot of glue we was provided with was not enough to complete all three dolls. Also the wooden dolls were a struggle to put back together, when I opened it for the first time a lot a wood shavings came out with it. However, other than that this is a nice little project that can be completed in a day. 

crafty creatives box 32

I didn't get too adventurous with mine, I quite liked keeping it simple. I struggled a little bit with getting the face 100% smooth but I still like how they came out. What do you think? 

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