On losing a pet.

On the 4th April we lost our beautiful Dog Rocky, he had been ill for a while but nothing serious so his death for me was quite sudden. For three days he wasn't eating and wheezing and coughing up fluid, our first initial thoughts was he might have caught kennel cough again, then he started to collapse. I didn't actually end up going to the vets with him, since I thought he would be coming home. Sadly, after an x-ray which revealed he had fluid everywhere and was in pain, my Sister made the call off having him put down. I was heartbroken, to call Rocky a pet seems harsh because he was more than that, we had him for ten years, ten years of comfort in the shape of cuddles and kisses, hugs that took away tears, smiles put on my face with his cheeky personality, his big eyes and stubborn behaviour. 
1) Talk about him/to others who have pets/lost them. I'm not going to lie trying to talk to a person who has never had a bond with an animal before is hard, some people don't get it and won't understand your grief, try and find those who do. Rocky was such a character, and its great being able to share these stories with family and friends. Without a doubt he was one of the smartest dogs I've ever met!! I remember when we first got him we had just lost our other dog Mac a couple of days before and he walked in and I burst out crying! Can't say he was impressed with that but he soon cheered me up. 

2) Cry. It's good to cry. Even now when I see a photo of him or just think about him not being there when I go home after a bad day I want to cry. There's no point in bottling it up so I just let it out, unless I'm at work.. I'll wait until I'm at home. Although its good to remain positive, I know Rocky had a wonderful ten years with us, we gave him the best life we could have and spoiled him rotten, which unfortunately isn't something all pets have. 

3) Create a memorial. Okay this might sound a tad lame to some people but we bury our dogs in the garden, this time we ordered Rocky a gravestone. Personally, I think its a nice idea. Although I would rather have him back, I think this is a nice way to preserve him memory and a little reminder every time we go into the garden.

I am going to miss him so much, it's never easy losing a pet especially when they become a huge part of your life and family. I could literally write a thousand words and more about him but I hope that these few photographs give you an idea of the type of dog he was! If you have any tips on coping with the grief of a pet please share in the comments.

  1. Hi lovely,

    so sad to hear your news. My pet rabbit died back in September and it was sudden too. Nothing prepares you for the loss of a pet and you are right, people without pets just don't understand. The worst thing someone could say to me was "sure just go get another."

    It's obvious you loved Rocky very much. I hope over time the grief gets easier for you. From your photos he looks like a very special and very happy little dog.


  2. Hey,
    I totally get what you mean. The dog we have now was my sister in laws and I haven't made such a bond with her but we are giving her a better life here,ill still miss her when all is said and done! I'm a real hamster person though and as lame asthmatic sounds I miss both my hammys so much they were also buried in outback garden :) hugs xxx

  3. I know exactly how you feel. Two years ago I lost my first dog, Lacey, and I was heartbroken. I wrote a post about it in case you want to have a read x http://simplybeingyoung.com/2014/12/03/lacey/

    You can't understand what it feels like to lose a pet if you've never had one. They are more than just a dog, they are family x


  4. Gorgeous pictures - thinking of you too. Losing a pet was such a traumatic experience for me and it was losing 1/5th of our family like Tess said.

    Lizzie Dripping

  5. Hi I'm so sorry for your loss, it sounds like Rocky was such a best friend and important part of your life and your family. Thinking of you and it was a lovely idea to share your thoughts and advice here - jenny xx

  6. That's so sad to here. Thank you for participating in #FleaBagFriday with Rocky. Memories of him will last a lifetime.

  7. That's so sad to here. Thank you for participating in #FleaBagFriday with Rocky. Memories of him will last a lifetime.


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