Review - Lush Golden Egg

lush golden egg bath bomb review
Lush always provide us we lots of beautiful bath and beauty treats for valentines, Christmas and EASTER. I couldn't help but pick up the Golden Egg (£3.25) it attracted me with its golden glitter and honey/toffee scent. 

The glitter does get everywhere, I was planning on saving this particular bath bomb for a time I was planning on going out in hopes it would live me all sparkly, however that night everyone bailed on going out so I had a relaxing bath with this instead. 

It's ingredients include Sweet wild Orange to uplift, cocoa butter to relax and soften skin, bergamot oil to cleanse and olive oil to moisturise and protect. 

lush golden egg bath bomb review
The golden egg is meant to be a cross between a bath bomb and a melt, the egg fizzes up slowly releasing a sweet scent and a few bubbles as it melts away. The water turns a lovely golden Sun colour which is shimmery and sparkly as you swirl the water around you.  

Afterwards my skin was left feeling soft and smooth, with the faint scent of toffee. The glitter does sit on the skin as well as staying behind in the bath but it can easily be washed away.

I would buy this bath bomb again, have you tried any of the Easter range?

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