The Little Things

I hope everyone had a lovely bank holiday and Easter if you celebrate. In the UK most people had four days off (I wasn't one of them...) and the weather has finally started to get warm and sunny, yay!! I didn't have the best weekend (more on that another day) but on Easter Sunday my Mum did give me some Easter treats in the shape of chocolate, perfume and lush goodies! What did everyone else get up to over Easter?

I can't remember the last time I got mail, and then the other day about 37823 parcels landed on my door step. Mail puts me in an instant happy mood, hello new clothes and crafty goodies. 

After ordering lots of crafty stuff I spent my Easter Sunday doing nothing but painting, gluing, stitching etc. and it was so much fun and much needed. And on a crafty note this months #DICRAFTSWAP has the theme of animals, If you want more details let me know in the comments section.

What little things have made your week?

  1. Feeling your pain at having to go to work when other people are off! But at least the weather is getting better for my walk to work! Sorry your weekend wasn't great but fingers crossed things get better xx

  2. Since moving to the US I always forget just how many bank holidays the UK has until people start saying they have long weekends. I always ended up working them anyway in my former retail days, never as fun!

  3. shame about your weekend lovely, but I'm glad you got chocolate and crafting to help carry you through, and thats a wonderful perfume it was one of my mum's favourites scents and always reminds me of her :) I might be up for the craft swap this month! tweet me if you need me to email :) jenny xx


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