A day trip to London - National History Museum

So last Saturday me and my friend went to London for the day, it was there first time going to London so we visited the National History Museum, Sea Life aquarium and went on the London eye (which I'll talk about in separate posts) It was my idea to go to the museum because I've never been before (although my parents tell me I went when I was younger but I cannot recall ever going!) Since I'm really intrigued with animals and evolution I really enjoyed looking around, I think we spent almost two hours here which is quite a while considering we were only there for the day. There is so much to see, read and do, honestly I wish we had the time to read everything because it was really informative and lots of things to learn. 
The museum is broken into sections with Dinosaurs, Birds, Mammals then the Earth stuff such as Volcanoes, earthquakes, the galaxy etc. The birds section was fascinating, I loved seeing how beaks and wings have adapted over time, reading about different birds and how they hunt etc. I could have spent hours in this section alone! Onto the Dinosaurs, I was most excited about walking into the museum and seeing 'Dippy' the dinosaur, of course I got a million photos with him but none that made it onto here! Next was doing the walk way, surprisingly since we went on a Saturday it wasn't very busy and we just walked right in, however it did get busy once we had walked in and it took us a while to walk around and see the hidden T-Rex which is great for kids. 

As much as I loved the Dinosaur section, the mammal section was fantastic, once you walked into the end room with the blue whale my mouth dropped, it was awe inspiring and had me memorised with the different species of whales and dolphins dancing on the ceiling, it felt dream like and obviously the size of the Whale is just incredible, I can't imagine what it would be like to see one of these in the wild. I also found it intriguing how whales/dolphins are meant to have evolved from land dwelling mammals, it doesn't sound plausible but its definitely something I want to read more about. One of my favourite parts in this section was looking at the Narwhals, its not hard to see how once people use to be tricked into buying their horns thinking it was a Unicorns horn, they are so majestic. 

We also went around the other sections but took fewer picture, I love the space section and getting to try the earthquake stimulator. Overall, we had an amazing time here, if i lived in London I would come here regularly.

Have you been to the National History Museum in London before? Let me know your thoughts. 
  1. Looks amazing, I went when I was younger but can barely remember it, must go back!
    Zoe | floral and feather


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