Day trip - Yorkshire Wildlife Park

The other week I went on a college trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park, from Nottingham it took us just over an hour to get there. Although free to us, tickets are reasonably priced ranging for £3 to £16 max. 

Yorkshire wildlife park is a 70 acre park and prides it self on its conservation efforts, its home to animals such as polar bears, tigers, lions, anteaters, baboons and more. The park is broken up into sections such as the Woodland trail, African plains, Lion country etc. Although large, the park is relatively easy to navigate round so you won't miss out seeing any particular animals. You can read more about the animals they have here. It is also a great place for kids with plenty of play areas and seating.

The first animals we encountered were the baboons, I love watching these, they are playful, mischievous and there were lots of little babies exploring the world around them. Next were the painted dogs, these animals are so beautiful, I love the colours of their fur and when they run it's so elegant and delicate but super fast at the same time. It was at this point I really admired their enclosure, it went out into a wooded area which is a nice touch! The enclosures throughout the park didn't disappoint, they were large and had plenty of enrichment, although some do look like the animals could easily escape but I like the open feel that gives for the animals and the people who have come to visit. 

There are also plenty of opportunities to get up close to some of the animals there, there are three walk with the animals. The Lemurs were really fun, they ran every where, I witnessed one trying to steal fruit from out of a pram, there was teeny, tiny lemur babies and one almost frightened me to death when it ran out in front of me. 

The hogs were actually one of my favourite animals there, I just thought they were adorable and sweet.. The polar bears were also great to watch, they had two bears and one of them was happily swimming around, diving under the water and playing with an inflatable ball. They are currently building enclosures to house more polar bears as part of their Project Polar. Another animal I got to see was an anteater, I couldn't get a good photo of this due to him being inside at the time, but anteaters are such odd animals (in a good way) 

The animals I was most looking forward to were the big cats, in particular the tigers since they are my favourite animals! However, they were snoozing as most tigers do during the day, as were the Lions apart from two playful lioness'. I was hoping that the tiger cubs would be out for our visit but they wasn't. Now at this point all the animals we had encountered seemed happy and not stressed, that was until we got to the Leopard, he was pacing up and down in the same spot over and over, it was hard and sad to watch. I'm not entirely sure why he was doing this, or if he does this everyday, we did walk around the park twice and we went back to this area an hour later and he was still in the same spot! My sister's going to this park next week so I am keen to find out if he's still pacing on the day she goes.  I just hope he isn't!

When we went to see the giraffes we were just in time to see them getting let out and feeding, Giraffes are one of those animals that take my breath away, for starters you don't grasp how tall they are until you see them in real life and secondly, even though they are tall, they are incredibly majestic and agile. Meerkats will always be one of those animals you have to go see they are cheeky, playfun and it's fun to watch them run around. There's also a chance to get up and close to the wallaby's can you spot the baby?

Overall, the park was a good day out but we was there for over three hours and it didn't take us long to walk around, hence the second walk. However, if you go with children I can see it taking much longer. I did enjoy my day and I would go again. Has anyone been to  Yorkshire wildlife park before? 
  1. I love visiting wildlife parks but giraffes are my absolute favourite! I am so jealous - great photos too <3 Gisforgingers xx


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