My favourite TV shows (past and present)

Okay, if I am honest I don't watch TV a lot, I don't have a TV in my room and its rare I get the chance to watch TV on my own downstairs. But it takes a lot for a program to have me gripped and wanting to watch more. Below are just a few TV shows that have me hooked! 

my favourite tv shows game of thrones
I will start with the one currently on TV and a program I feel most people watch. I am a Game of Thrones fanatic, from the short stories, to the books to the show. I love it all. I remember watching the first episode and Jamie pushing Bran out of the window and I was hooked, I then realised it was based on a book and read all of them before the second series arrived. There will always be that war of book reader to TV fans but I highly recommend the books, although they have done a great job of adapting such a huge story so I can understand some of the changes, even if I don't like them. I love fantasy programs and a program I feel might be similar to this is Vikings which I am yet to watch, anyone have any thoughts on it? 
my favourite tv shows lostThe program I stuck with even though it lost some fans towards the end. It captured my heart with beautiful scenes, great character development, and of course and island full of strange and wonderful things from smoke monsters to polar bears. It left me on the edge of my seat every episode, screaming at my TV and crying over deaths and of of course I spent many hours on the internet trying to figure out what everything meant, the fact that this program was interactive was something I loved even more about it. I am still sat here waiting for a spin off series, as well as waiting to find my own magical lost island. 
my favourite tv shows the walking dead
The Walking Dead, I love anything to do with Zombies so of course I had to watch this when it first aired. I am not going to lie it can be slow at points, and I did stop watching it for a bit because I got bored... That was a mistake and I finally got back into it, honestly stick with it because it does get so much better. My sister has been watching it from the start and I've been sat re-watching it with her and even though I know what will happen I've been gripped. Although every episode terrifies me because I don't want to loose anyone else. I am really looking forward to the new series they always leave it on the worst cliffhangers!! But we do have a spin off called Fear the Walking Dead to look forward to!
my favourite tv shows the 10th kingdom
A golden oldie from my childhood, a mini TV series called The 10th Kingdom. This is a program that really wowed me and made me spend many hours looking for a magical, fairytale land through mirrors. It follows a girl called Virginia and her Dad who end up in this world where all those tales of Cinderella and Snow white are really real. It's a great adventure and one I love to go on over and over again. I've been praying for a second series for so long, and I am hoping I will get it one day. Does anyone else remember this?

These are just a few of my favourites, I would love any recommendations! 

  1. All the love for Game of Thrones - and I've never heard of the 10th Kingdom? I will look it up! I too don't watch a lot of TV unless its on Netflix really so I can just watch it all straight away... :) jenny xx


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