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Nail HQ is a new brand to me, brought to us by top nailcare experts, nail HQ are using cutting edge ingredients and formulations. The aim to give us beautiful nails that are nourished, strong and glossy, utilising ingredients that are traditionally associated with hair and skincare such as argan oil. They have a wide rand of products such as a gel top coat to ridge fillers.

nail hq product review

Growth £6.99
Formulated with Pentavitin 'Moisture Magnet' and a strengthening complex including Biotin, these ingredients help provide moisture balance for flexible nails and to prevent brittle nails and breakage, it also moisturises, conditions and strengthens nails.

Cuticle Oil £6.99
A unique oil designed to help moisturise and condition the nail and cuticle oil. A non greasy formula rejuvenates and softens dry, lifeless skin.

Strengthener £6.99
This intensive nail strengthening treatment will help even the weakest and softest of nails become stronger, it will also simulate nail growth and diminish breakage.

nail hq product review
Packaging: The outer packaging is pretty to look at and something that would catch my eye if I was shopping for nail products, I love the bold pop of metallic colour on the front. The varnishes themselves come in sturdy glass and a easily removable cap. 

Application/lasting power: The varnish was easy to apply with enough coverage being applied with one stroke, the varnish dries quickly, which is always a thumbs up from me. One application lasted on my nails for 2-3 days before I started to notice chipping. 

Results: I work in a loading bay so I used my hands a lot, they chip and break pretty much everyday and my hands feel incredibly dry with flaky skin near my nails. Although I haven't noticed any growth in my nails at the moment, my nails have not broken as much, in fact I'm sure only one nail has ended up breaking which is a pretty good result! The cuticle oil is amazing, I've been using this pretty much everyday on my hands and feet and my cuticles/skin feel a lot softer and the skin is less flaky and dry. Overall I am happy with the polishes and oil, I am interested to see if my nails do start to get longer and not break at all! 

Has anyone else heard of Nail HQ, let me know your thoughts!

*This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thought ans opinions are my own. 
  1. I've never heard of Nail HQ but it sounds great - I have weak nails so I'll be needing these.

    Lizzie Dripping


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