Review - Ozeri Weight Master 2 scales*

Ozeri WeightMaster II review
I've been wanting some scales for years! We've never owned a pair in our household and in some ways that is a good thing, but I genuinely like being able to weigh myself. These Ozeri weight master scales (£29.99) in white are stylish and sleek, I love the glass panel and the screen is easy to read. These scales are easy to set up, taking no more than five minutes and they come with a battery. 

Ozeri WeightMaster II review

The scales can log information for up to 8 users, to set yourself up on the scales you step onto it to log your weight, enter your height and it will save that information, and then you have to  press the arrow to save the next persons information. The scales can also automatically guess who is using the scales (but this does depend on everyone not being too close to each other in height and weight already.) What I really like about these scales if that it will also calculate your BMI and with a thrity day memory its a great way to track your weight and give you a understanding of your weight loss/gain. 

Ozeri WeightMaster II review
Another great feature of the scales is that its perfect for those trying to gain or loose weight, if you loose weight it illuminates green and if you have gained weight it will illuminate red, it will also show you how much you have gained/loss from the previous time you weighed yourself. The scales also have microban a product that helps disrupts the growth of stain and odour causing bacteria. 

Overall, I am really happy with these scales, they are easy to use and have so many useful features, its perfect for those who want to weigh themselves regularly and for those who want to monitor their weight, what do you think? Do you have scales in your home?

*This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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