Review - Spa Find balanced beauty stabilising cleanser*

Spa Find balanced beauty stabilising cleanser review
About the product: A luxurious cleansing cream with natural plant extracts of Wild Thyme, Coltsfoot, Marshmallow and Witch Hazel. It gently and effectively deep-cleanses impurities from the skin for a clear complexion. The Dead Sea Minerals in the VMS Complex combine with Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 to provide anti-ageing, balancing cleansing for normal to combination skin types. Costs £16.36 for 250ml. 
Aims: Re-mineralises and balances skin, absorbs excess sebum and balances skin’s pH, anti-ageing ingredients, repairs and hydrates and helps to heal post-acne scarring.

My thoughts: I've been using this cleanser for well over a month, and not only have I noticed a huge difference in my skin, the product is great value for money. I've been using it twice a day and I am only a quarter a way into the bottle. I have combination skin and suffer from break outs on my cheeks and chin, every time I break out on my cheeks it can lead to scarring. Since using this product I have noticed I have broken out less, and any existing scaring on my skin has faded slightly. I use the product by massaging it into my skin then removing with a cotton wool pad, it has a creamy texture with a light fragrance, I really do feel this product is getting down into my pores and removing any dirt and left over make up, which leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft. Honestly, I cannot fault this product, I really do feel it it checks off all of its aims, I am so much happier with my skin, it is most certainly a product I will buy again.

Have you tried any Spa Find products?

*this product was sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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