The Little Things

The fact that coat hangers can make my day may seem a little odd BUT before I purchased fifty metal hangers I had 20 coat hangers to my name and a pile of clothes stacked up on top of each other and the mess was driving me insane. I was planning on getting some wooden hangers so had been waiting until I had a little bit more money spare, but I caved and got these for under £10, bargain and now I have a tidy clothes rail.

My blender broke last month and we finally got a new one which is pretty good! I love that I can make smoothies and juices again and try and make them healthy, although I do tend to put anything and everything in them and hope they taste nice, thankfully no disasters yet! This one consisted of cherries, blackberries, a banana, frozen yoghurt, honey, milk and whipped cream on top, yum. 

My dad found this SEW magazine and brought it back for me, complete with a guide on how to make a dress. I feel bad, I haven't really used my sewing machine since I got it over a year ago, I love that I have one but I just feel like I had no time or the patience for it, I bought a sewing course last year which I haven't done which expires at the end of June, I really need to kick myself into gear and get my moneys worth by then. I also got some fabric from the Hillary's Craft competition, I had fun taking part last year, although I have no idea what to make yet. I really want something that reflects the fabric.

Lastly, I finally got to see this incredible, talented man Brandon Flowers in Birmingham, whilst bumping into some minions! It was an amazing show, I wish Brandon could sing to me every night!

What little things have made your week?
  1. Hello, The Hilarys fabric looks lovely are you making the dress with it?

  2. Hello, The Hilarys fabric looks lovely are you making the dress with it?

  3. I got exited at the plastic hangers for my kids room so don't you worry just yet ha ha! Hope you get to start your sewing stuff soon I'm sure you'd be a natural at it all :) lucky you he's awesome and the minions are pretty cools too! X


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