#DICRAFTSWAP received and June sign up

So today I thought I would show you what I have received in some of the past #dicraftswap's like myself, I think some of us have been caught up in life and it's taken us a while to sit down and craft! 

First up are the items I received in the dreams swap, Lauren sent to me who is super talented, I love seeing her work on instagram and catching up on what she has been up to on her blog. Lauren focused the items on my travel dreams and goals. 

I adore everything Lauren sent me, it suits my taste perfectly! The items she made herself are the explore badge and the 'never stop dreaming' keyring which is beautiful. The postcard (from paperchase) and the card are now stuck to my wall, the notebook is perfect and I think I am going to take this one to America with me to write down my thoughts and feelings, its the perfect size. I also really love the Paris passport cover and the luggage tag, the cover is already on my passport and the tag will come in handy for my holiday. 

Next up is the Spring/Easter swap, Gemma sent to me. I also enjoy reading Gemma's blog she has such a wide variety of blog topics its refreshing to one day have a diy post then the next day a beauty post. 

Again, I'm sure Gemma has delved into my mind because she also got my taste spot on. The little floral hair slide, is so pretty and elegant, I love wearing flowers and slides in my hair, especially in the summer. The letter H, fits in with my bedroom decor perfectly, and now sits on my shelve next to other floral items, its a nice statement piece. Gemma has also created a DIY for this on her blog so check it out!! Lastly, the tin, I love the butterfly design and the floral pattern around the side! I'm not sure what I am going to put inside it just yet but more than likely something relating to craft! 

Lastly, the most recent swap which had the theme of animals. Jenny sent to me, one of my favourite bloggers because she's geeky and cool and pretty amazing at crochet. 

Jenny made me my own tiger cub, how cute is he?!! He's so adorable, this is now the third crocheted animal Jenny has sent me and I now have a mini family of crocheted animals. Jenny sent me some lovely stationery and I am smitten with the orange notebook with the imprinted birds/butterflies, it's such a pretty notebook I am trying to think of what to use it for, it has to be something nicer than just scribbles! I also got a kit to have a go at knitting a monkey and some bath salts.

I would like to say a big thank you, to the above people for what they have sent me!

And lastly want to take part in a #DICraftSwap fill in the form below! 

June's them is COUNTRIES! Inspired by the travel gifts from Lauren I thought this would be a good theme to explore what we love about other countries and their culture. Sign up will close on the 20th June and you'll then have around a month to make and send the item. All parcels must include at least on handmade item and include a gift with the min. value of £3. Want to take part send the form to daintyandivory@yahoo.co.uk with #DICRAFTSWAP in the subject line.

Name: Age: Address: Social Meida/Blog: Likes/Dislikes: Hobbies/Interests: Favourite country/holiday and why? Favourite things you love about your own country? A place you would like to travel to and why? Favourite traditions from other countries: Anything other information you think will be useful: Ship out side of the UK?
  1. The travel/dreams swap in particular looks absolutely wonderful! And I must admit I forgot how many crocheted animals I have sent you! Oops - I'm glad you are happy with the little growing family :p It is always tricky to make the time for crafting like you say, and I do love doing these craft swaps but barely make the time! I will definitely email you again when I'm ready for the next one :) hope you get some good wind down/crafting/relaxation time soon - jenny xx

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it! Thank you, I hope so too! and aha I love my little crochet animal family.

  2. Oh wow, what lovely amazing swaps you have taken part in - I hope to be able to take part!

  3. I really want to take part in the June one, I haven't participated in any for ages though.. Would that still be OK? I wish I had more time for doing these things!

    1. Of course you can, you can email me but I will send out emails shortly! So do I, I'm still late on a few =/


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