Review - Casmara Beauty Plan Collection Balancing Algae Peel Off Mask*

Casmara Beauty Plan Collection Balancing Algae Peel Off Mask review

I first heard about Casmara after reading a few tweets saying how amazing their face masks are and how good people were saying their skin looked afterwards. There are four masks to choose from a hydra, purifying, rejuvenating and lastly the one I tired balancing. The face masks aren't what I would could particularly cheap for one face mask, retailing at £9.99 but the contents include a pre-treatment cream, two part sachet mix, spatula and a mixing pot. 

The balancing face mask is formulated with ECOCERT, certified Goji Berries, betaine and honey, the products aims to prevent the appearance of fine lines and ageing, keeps the skin protected and vibrant, reduces puffiness and the appearance of dark circles around the eyes.  It has firming, toning and calming effects whilst you relax. 
Casmara Beauty Plan Collection Balancing Algae Peel Off Mask review
Although it looks complicated the product is easy to use, firstly you apply the pre-treatment to your face to cleanse, this aims to make sure you receive the full benefits of the face mask. Me and my sister did the face mask together, there is lots of product for just one mask, and leaving the rest is just a waste. Firstly you pour the powder into the pot then pour the gel in after, which turns the product into your face mask. Here you mix for around one minute or until you have a uniform mixture. The face masks has to be applied within five minutes because it will begin to set!!!!! 

My product actually turned out pretty gloopy, it was quite hard to apply to the face and it did drip off. Once me and my sister had applied the mask there was enough mix to make another, I'm not entirely sure if you can save some of the powder and gel for a later use. 

Casmara Beauty Plan Collection Balancing Algae Peel Off Mask review

This is what the product looked like in the pot after it had set a very vibrant Orange and almost plastic looking. The mask has a cooling effect when you first put it on which is quite relaxing. You leave the mask on for twenty minutes, it does state not to wash of with water but once it has set it is easily peeled off and also pain free. After the mask is removed you then apply the remaining pre-treatment to your face to create a seal.

My skin felt a lot softer and clean once the mask was removed, my skin did appear to look brighter and smoother. I was impressed with the immediate results, it's rare that a mask can show results after use and this is the first one I have tried that lived up to it's hype. I am impressed, it is a mask I would try again.

Have any of you tried this mask before, let me know your thoughts. 

*This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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