Review - Creamy Candy bubble bar from Lush

creamy candy bubble bar review
This is a perfect bar for those who love something sweet, creamy candy (£2.95) is exactly what it says, the scent is super yummy and the bar is delicate and pretty to look at. I picked this one up not only for the scent but I thought £2.95 was affordable. 

On the lush website it claims the candy floss scent will help your energy levels perk up, however I have to disagree. Sweet scents always make me feel relaxed, and this bar does just that. 

creamy candy bubble bar review
I used the whole bar in my bath, although it could be split into two. For me, I found the bar really hard to break, it took me a while to get the bar to crumble and ended up chucking a lump of it in the bath. As you can see though the bar did create lots of bubbles, I was hoping the bath water would turn a nice baby pink colour but actually looked a lot like dirty water. 

Afterwards, my skin was left feeling nourish, hydrated and feeling soft. The bubble bar contains almond oil and butter chunks to give the skin a velvety texture whilst leaving it soft and conditioned. 

It's not my favourite bubble bar but I would buy it again due to the price and that scent! Have you tried this before, let me know your thoughts. 
  1. I've never tried this bubble bar, I usually just stick to repurchasing The Comforter but I definitely need something a bit more moisturizing. I also agree with you about sweet scents making you feel more relaxed, I'm always ready for a nap after I have a bath like that haha!

    Rebecca | WALLFLOWER


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