Review - imPress press on manicure*

impress press on manicure review
I remember doing manicures and putting on false nails when I was younger, half the time I couldn't be bothered to let the polish try and when I put false nails on I remember how awful they looked and felt afterwards with glue stuck all over them. Impress nails are for people who don't like mess and want an easy application! The pack includes 24 ultra shine gel nails, 6 accent nails, 1 prep pad and 1 mini cuticle stick. To apply firstly you need to find the correct size for each nail, once you have begin my cleansing your own nails. The nails go on really easy by removing the backing, aligning the nail with the cuticle and pressing down firmly. The thumb nails are always applied last, and for better results press the nails for half hour and leave one hour before you shape and cut the nails.

impress press on manicure review

I did find it difficult to find nails that 100% fitted my nails, but I thought this could be fixed after cutting/shaping (the photos above are before that.) I do struggle with false nail since I lost the tip of one of my fingers.. but I tend to paint that the same colours as the nails. The nails are easy to apply and the grip was firm immediately. I really love the accent nail, its pretty and glittery however I'm not a fan of this shade, mainly due to the fact I don't think it suits my skin tone. The wear with these nails is really good, they lasted me six days before one came off. They are also easy to remove my pressing on the nail and gently peeling away from the side, alternatively you can soak the nails in remover. 

Although not a fan of this particular shade, I would buy these nails again. I think they are great for when you want to give your nails a little treat. 

What do you think about press on nails?

*this product was sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
  1. I used Impress nails before and I really liked them, but recently I can't seem to make them stick to my nails for more than a few hours which is so disappointing! :(


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