Review - Lush's Brightside bubble bar

lush brightside review

The name of this bubble bar (Brightside £4.75)  is a perfect fit and also makes me want to sing Mr. Brightside (which is a good thing.) with gorgeous swirls of oranges, reds and yellows, it's such a wonderful, colourful bubble bar.

I am a fan of sweeter scents so tend to opt for ones that have vanilla, honey and caramel scents, however the citrus scent of this one won me over, it's a fresh, vibrant, uplifting scent and whilst having a soak it really wakes you up. 

Whilst using, I broke the bar into two to make the bar last longer (although I did read on the lush website that people have been  breaking it into chunks of five.) I do find some of Lush's bath products can be really hard to break down under running water, and with the water being hot it is never a good match, Brightside however was really easy to mush/break down. 

lush brightside review
As soon as the bar started to crumble into the water bubbles started to appear, whilst the water turned the most beautiful shade of orange (honestly looked like I was bathing in orange juice.) The bubbles got larger and fluffier as water continued to fill the bath. 

Afterwards my skin felt soft, and smooth whilst smelling amazing! This bubble bar has key ingredients such tangerine oils to tone the skin, bergamot oil to uplift and cleanse. I really enjoyed this bubble bar and would buy again!

Have you used this bar before, let me know your thoughts.

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