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mink and stone review
As much as I like jewellery, I rarely buy it. This is mainly because I can never find anything I like, I also have dainty wrists so finding something that fits is near impossible. Mink & Stone is website where you can design and personalise your own jewellery. The process of creating and designing your own jewellery is really simple, there are eight essential necklaces and bracelets styles and lengths to choose from. Once you've decided on if you want a bracelet or necklace you then choose the beads etc. that you like and add them to your trays. You then simply add the beads that you want to your jewellery, you can play around as much as you want, the process is really easy. 
mink and stone review

There are so many beads to choose from in all different shapes and sizes, in a wide variety of colours. I added so many to my trays, in the end I opted for a blue and silver coloured bracelet with a floral theme, I wanted a bigger bead to act as the statement bead. I like symmetry  so I made sure it matched up on both sides. 

I'm really happy with my bracelet, Mink & Stone is perfect if you want to create your own jewellery (especially for gifts or for weddings!) You can also buy other peoples design, and if you've created your own design, you get 10% of the profit back in stones which is a great idea. You can find my design here, which also gives you the details about the stones/beads I have chosen.

*I was gifted £10 to spend on Mink and Stone in exchange for a review of the jewellery making process and item, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
  1. So pretty! I really enjoyed doing this too, think I will be going back to make another before long! :-)


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