A day trip to Cambridge - Fitzwilliam Museum and Sedgewick Museum of Earth sciences.

Honestly, we couldn't really find much to do in Cambridge other than visiting museums which doesn't bother me since I find them interesting but it is also nice to have a varied day! The last two museums we visited were the Fitzwilliam museum and the Sedgewick museum of earth sciences. 

The Fitzwilliam museum is a art and antiquities museum and home to artifacts from ancient Grease, Sudan, Rome, Egypt, applied arts such as pottery, porcelain, fans, furniture and more. There is really such a large variety of artifacts, which you can find out more about here

There was some really interesting artifacts, some of my favourites included the many types of swords and daggers, as well as a armored. mechanical hand for those who had lost their hands for battle. We also saw the men on panthers, known as Rothschild Bronzes which are claimed to be the only surviving bronzed statues from Michelangelo. Of course my favourite part of the museum was the Ancient Egypt section, a time period I have been fascinated with since I was a little girl. I could marvel at their pretty trinkets, inscriptions for ages, my favourites being the mummified animals. 

The Sedgewick museum of earth sciences is Cambridge's oldest museum, it is home to more than 10.000 fossils, minerals and rocks. The museum takes you through a journey spanning 4.5 million years from from the building blocks of the planet, to fossils of animals, evolution and more. 

This was one of my favourite museums out of the ones we visited, I love reading about fossils and evolution, and seeing what animals went extinct in certain time periods and why. We spent over an hour in here because there really is so much to look at and learn with plenty of information. 

The best part about all of these museums is that they are free! 

Let me know below what museums are your favourites.

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