A day trip to Cambridge - Punting

The one thing I had to do whilst in Cambridge was go punting, for those who might not know what punting is, it is a flat bottomed boat that is propelled by a long pole. Thankfully, at this point the rain had stopped and the sun was shining! It didn't take us long to find a punting point, and they will try and convince you to go punting (and I'm also sure all of the punting boys were attractive...) For two people it cost over £30 for a 45 minute ride, or you get rent your own boat.

Punting is a great way to see all of the famous universities and bridges, our guide told us lots of interesting facts about Cambridge and the history of buildings etc. The ride was really relaxing, I'm pretty sure I could've spent ages going back and fourth along the same route. It was quite fun watching people who had hired boats punting, some of them were really good at it, whilst others ended up getting stuck in bushes and colliding with other boats. 

Have you ever gone punting?
  1. As someone who lives very near Cambridge I'm ashamed to admit I've never been punting!! I had the opportunity recently with my job, but I would have had to punt 5 students for an hour, so for a first time it didn't sound ideal! I have to say, the people trying to convince you to punt are probably the most annoying thing about the city! And I've heard that a lot of the facts they tell you aren't always true... Your pictures are so lovely, I'm very impressed :) Penny xxx

    Polka Dot Penny


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