My thoughts on hunting

Animal welfare is a subject close to my heart, I love animals and if anything want to be a voice for them. Today there are so many people who trophy hunt, here in the UK the government tried to bring back fox hunting. 

Killing an animal for sport is something I can never agree on, when I was on facebook the other day I was reading a post from a girl I used to know saying that she will continue to kill foxes as they are pests, and she is doing us all a favour by killing foxes and other animals, because she is helping maintain and protect the countryside and we should be thanking her. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I can't help but think this girl is deluded....

I have no idea how someone can think a fox is damaging the countryside, for starters that's their home, their source of food and their environment. Are people angry at foxes because they eat food made for human consumption. If a fox breaks into a chickens coop and the chickens can't defend/protect themselves by running away so end up dead, which makes people angry, how is it any different from a person pointing a gun at fox who can't defend itself against a bullet? 

Then we have people who hunt/kill animals as part of a cull, we have people paying loads of money to hunt and kill animals in Africa, most of these animals are endangered but they claim by killing these animals they are helping in saving them, and that the meat goes to villages who need food. My point in that argument is if you are that rich and want to feed a village do it without killing a defenseless animal. Humans constantly make up excuses for when it comes to culling/hunting animals, I've heard they spread diseases, they are damaging the environment, there is too many of them etc. the list really is endless. But the point is humans are guilty of every single one of these things and more, yet there is no human population control. Personally to me it looks like we kill animals as and when we see fit after an animal causes an interference with human life's. 

It doesn't stop there either, it's human mentality to kill an animal if it attacks a person for example Sharks, it is rare that a shark will attack a person but when they do happen if the person dies it's from wounds/injuries received from the shark not because the shark ate the person... Yet when an attack happens people go of and kill any shark in the area but don't stop to think that we kill over (according to reports) 100 million sharks a year.

For me, it really does shock me how humans value themselves and their needs before any other animal on this planet, for me I will always see myself as equal to them, we share this planet with them, it is their home as well as ours. It is really sad to think that most of these animals may one day be extinct thanks to us. 

Of course this is just my opinion on the topic and not everyone will agree but let me know your thoughts.
  1. Completely agree with you Hannah. I think hunting is completely despicable. As you said, Foxes are in their natural habitat doing what's natural to them, so why would we kill them for it? The same goes with shark attacks, I can't understand why people think it's okay to destroy these creatures when they've attacked a person - we're in their waters, so what do we really expect? I think human beings are so selfish thinking they are above animals and that everything belongs to them. I've got a little boy on the way this autumn and I'm going to work damn hard to make sure he treats animals the right way and values them as equals, just as my parents did with me! xo

    1. I like to think more mothers will be like you and teach their children to respect animals, humans really are selfish.

  2. I completely agree - I understand that we used to hunt but that was to survive - now, when we have full farms, we don't need to hunt.

    Lizzie Dripping


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