Review - Dermaflage dermal filler*

I've talked about my facial scars on my blog before, I've used products that have finally worked in reducing the appearance and redness but I do have scars that dip into the skin. These can still be seen with make up, and when the sun is shining on my face it is the first thing I notice. I've used products in the past that claim to smooth out the skin which haven't worked. 
Dermaflage dermal filler review

The dermaflage starter kit (£31.95) claims to be the first retail product to mask scars and blemishes. 

How does dermaflage help cover and hide scars and imperfections?
Dermaflage contains a blend of medical grade silicones, pigments and tiny coloured rayon fibres. When these are mixed together they form a safe silicone mask that looks like your skin.

Does it go with make up?
It works with or without make up, it is designed to go over make up, but it does state not to use with liquid foundation.

Whats inside the starter kit? 
Two tubes of dermaflage dermal filler in two shades.
Extended wear brush on primer.
Tools - mixing sticks, application tools, spatula and texture pad.
Full step by step instructions.
Dermaflage dermal filler review

My verdict? So the product states that the product does not go well with liquid foundation and best used with powder. I use liquid foundation and I'm not going to change a beauty routine I am happy with for this product, so this may have affected the results. Firstly, I used the product over my make up which didn't work at all it just lifted the liquid foundation off so I decided to use it under make up.

The first step is the primer, you apply this to the area you want to cover and the surrounding area. The primer forms a barrier to prevent loss of adhesion due to oily skin and perspiration. This should soak into the skin within a few seconds however for me the primer was oily and sticky, it just sat on my skin no matter how long I left it. 
Step two is applying the dermal filler, this can be applied with tools, your fingers or the screw on applicators. Once mixed together however the product dries really quick, the screw on applicators are pretty useless if you are covering a big area since the product dries inside and they become unusable. Instead I mixed it onto my hand then applied it to my skin, again I found this really sticky.

Once the dermal filler is applied the next step is pressing the texture pad onto the skin for thirty seconds, this lets the product dry to match you skin. Once this was done, I couldn't see much difference without make up. It does actually stay on the skin once you apply liquid foundation over the product, however it did like slightly lumpy in some areas. I could see a slight difference my scars did look less visible and skin smoother but I wasn't blown away. Wearing it throughout the day is really comfy.

Taking off the product is really easy, it peels off and looks just like skin. Overall though, I'm not entirely convinced by the product and I'm not sure it is something I would purchase myself. 

*This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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