Review - Instanatural Vitamin C toner and Scar Serum*

instanatural vitamin c toner review

Toner was one of those products I used to skip out of my beauty routine, I've never really understood the importance of it. I've used a few over the years the latest being the Vitamin C toner from instanatural (£17.95) The vitamin C is an essential nutrient that is vital for developing skin health and youthfulness, the product claims to clean and shrink pores with its powerful astringents such as tea tree and witch hazel, helps combats oily skin and hydrates and prepares skins for any oils, moisturisers etc. applied afterwards. 

The toner smells amazing and it really wakes you up in the morning. The toner gets deep into your pores removing any traces of dirt or make up, my skins feels clean and refreshed after using this. The product is perfect in preparing the skin for other products. The toner however made no difference to the size of my pores which was a bit of a disappointment. I really like the packaging since and I love toners in a spritzer bottle. Overall, its an average toner and one I would buy again if the price was slightly cheaper.

instanatural scar gel review

The advanced scar gel (£22.95) helps to diminish and erase scars over time by making them less visible over time. It can be used on acne scars, surgical scars and dark circles. The bottle is a pump action bottle, so you can get the right amount of product you need. It also means you use all of the product with no waste. The product is a brownish colour, which allows you to see where you have placed the product, its a lightweight formula that spreads easily over the skin, it also sinks in relatively quick. The product says it can be used on old and new scars, and to be used twice daily. After using the whole bottle, I can say the product works best on new scars, although I did notice it did change my older scars, it helped reduce the redness and slightly faded them. I've tried so many products for scarring over the years this one has been one of the better ones. 

Have you tried anything from the instanatural range let me know your thoughts.

*these products were sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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