The Little Things

I love going to the cinema, a couple of weeks a go now I finally got to see Jurassic World, it feels like I've been waiting for this films for years. I remember the rumours, then the teaser posters. It didn't disappoint at all, although the formula of the film is pretty simple and predictable I really enjoyed it, but I did feel like it skipped out answers from the previous Jurassic Park film. If you have seen it let me know your thoughts.

I love stationery, someone from work got me this pen just to say thank you for working hard. Honestly made my day and I love that is has my name on it.

This biscuit spread because it is delicious, it may not be the healthiest of things but it is vegan!

I love minions, they are cute and adorable and I really want one for myself. I can't wait to see the film although I've heard its not very good. Either way I still plan on building a minion army of cute figures and toys.

What little things have made your week?
  1. Loving the mini minions! I think the film will be good it's a kids film I don't get why adults slam them just enjoy them! Love how your photos look what do you take them on? A white desk? I'm struggling with an area!


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