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the crackin egg company review
A little bit about Crackin' Eggs, perfect for lunches, picnics, they are high in protein and perfect for low calorie diets. The eggs are free range, hard boiled eggs and have a shelf life of 4-6 weeks compared to normal hard boiled eggs that last a week. This is due to a wax coating on the shells that keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. Each pack comes with a natural seasoning sachet, salt and pepper (blue coloured eggs) sweet chili (red coloured eggs) and sour cream and chive (green coloured eggs.) The two pack of eggs cost £3.

A few facts about eggs:
- They are rich in vitamins and minerals.
- They contain HDL cholesterol which is good for you and removes excess cholesterol from the rest of the body transporting it back to the liver.
- They have a low energy density to make you feel fuller for longer.
- They are a rich source of the essential amino acid leucine.

the crackin egg company review
If i'm honest I'm not that keen on eggs, they aren't something I would choose to eat because the idea of it freaks me out a little.. But my mum loves eggs and I thought this product would be perfect for her, for those days when she hasn't got a lot of time she can make egg mayo or use them in a salad etc. 

I was intrigued by how the eggs would be packaged, even hard boiled they would be fragile and they would also need to stay fresh/chilled. The eggs came in a cooler bag and was packed in a plastic case with paper inside. The design on the packaging is something I really like, it's a nice bold design.  The packaging however didn't have a sell by date on, something that concerned me a little. 

the crackin egg company review
The wax colour is really bold and bright something I love. The shell is really easy to peel off. The egg was fresh and the seasoning is perfect to give the egg a little kick/taste, my favourite was the sour cream and chive. 

I do like this idea and I think it's great when you don't have much time to prepare something, let me know what you think?

*This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 
  1. These look really cool! In all honesty, I am mostly drawn in by the colourful shell but I would definitely want to give these a go. :)

  2. These look so cool! I love the colourful shells

  3. These look pretty cool - I love how colourful they are, it's definitely something new and unique! I may have to give these a go - they'd be perfect as I'm always lazy when it comes to cooking something haha! xo

    Emma-Louise |

  4. I love the colours - it makes these just perfectly different.

    Lizzie Dripping


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