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I'm a big fan of subscription boxes so I'm always excited to see new ones on the market. Illobox is a new monthly box containing one illustrated print, one matching stamp, one matching notepad plus one surprise and paper ephemera which sounds right up my street. Each box cost £19.99 +£2 for post and packaging. 

Everything in the box is handmade by the creator of the box Ella, this particular box which is a sample box included one print, one stamp, two stickers, a badge, an envelope, a small bear print, twister stickers and a illobox card. The first box called 'the twilight zone' was released on the 10th August with only 100 boxes available. 

Every thing in the box is really good quality, my favourite items included in the box are the two fairy tale stickers they are beautiful and to my personal taste. The bear lino cut print is something I also really like, its really cute and after trying my hand at lino-cutting myself I can appreciate the amount of effort that goes into this! The stamp is also a great addiction to the box and I love the pink. The cloud print is really good quality and will be used in some kind of paper craft. The box isn't like anything I've seen before it is quite quirky and perfect for stationery lovers.

Although the packaging is due to change slightly each box is lined with vintage paper making each box unique, I think this a nice touch and a great way to make a plain box more interesting. Since this is a sample box there may be a few changes to other boxes, one of the changes includes the logo design which will be more clearer to read illobox.

Overall, I really like this box the contents are cute and items I can use, however, I'm not entirely sure I would pay £19.99 plus PP for the contents that were included. I can appreciate the items are all handmade and it is hard to price handmade items but personally I wouldn't pay that amount. 

Let me know your thoughts!

*This item was sent to me in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

**I wanted to go ahead and post my review of this box even though the creator of the box Ella has decided to go back to the drawing board with the box itself, something she may not have time for a while since she has a kickstarter in September for her own colouring/illustration book which sounds amazing.
  1. This looks like a really cool subscription box! The fairy tale stickers are so pretty. :)

  2. Those stickers are gorgeous, but I'm with you in that, £19.99 plus PP is quite pricey for what you get. But as you said, it's handmade so we have to pay for that as well.
    But apart from that, it's a beautiful box! I would love to have those subscription boxes here in Portugal, but unfortunately we don't have them.

    1. They are lovely, it is expensive in my opinion. That's a shame, maybe some ship to Portugal from the UK =)


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