Unlimited Madness - Target Madness

It was my friends 21st birthday at the end of July and I wanted so something a little bit different for his birthday, after looking around we settled on target madness from unlimited madness based in Nottinghamshire. This included axe throwing, archery and air riles. It was perfect timing because we was trying to settle on a date and book it then a deal popped up on amazon local so for the two of us it cost just over £35. We went last Sunday and thankfully it was a nice sunny, hot day.

From Nottingham it took us just under an hour to get there, since it was based near Worksop (there second location.) As we pulled up the location  wasn't entirely what I expected but still nice. On arrival we were shown what order we would be doing each activity (ours was axe throwing, archery and air rifles.) We then signed a declaration saying we was in perfect health, no back problems etc.  

We then headed outside to do the first activity. Before we did any activity we was given a health and safety talk, shown how to correctly hold the axes, bow/arrow and air rifle. We had an hour doing each activity. Also the below photos were taken on a iPhone so they aren't the greatest but I forgot my camera. 

I'm not going to lie, I was so nervous, I kept thinking about things that could go wrong and I am such a clumsy person. We were shown how to correctly pose and throw the axe to hit the target after watching a few others participate I felt a lot more confident but as soon as my turn was up my belly dropped. The axe heads were sharp but a lot lighter than I expected. My first few attempts were okay and then surprisingly I managed to hit the target (three times in total, impressive.) The atmosphere was really friendly and fun, everyone was cheering for each other when they hit the target. I really enjoyed this one and it was a lot less scary then I anticipated.  

Archery was next up, I did archery when I was younger and I was terrible at it! It took me ages to put the bow on the arrow and when I shot it I'm sure I didn't hit the target. This time it was a lot easier than I remember it being, it took me a while to get the grasp on the bow right but once I had my hand in position shooting the arrows was simple although I did let one bow go that went flying over the target. For this activity our group was broken into two groups of five, team a and b, after a few practices we then had a little competition against the other group then as individuals. I beat the person I went with so I was happy.

Lastly was air riles, I was a bit worried about this one because of the recall so that was why we sat down to minimise the impact. When I shot the air rifle the first time I was expecting a massive hit to my chest but it wasn't that bad at all. This wasn't my strongest one because even though I swore I had the sight on the target I missed most of the time.  

It was such a fun day and I managed to hit the target on every activity so I was impressed with myself. The staff were really great and super friendly which made me feel a lot more at ease about the whole day. I would really recommend doing something like this, it's suitable for children and adults. 

  1. sounds brilliant! I never thought I'd say this but I would love to throw an axe :p jenny xx

    1. aha, it was so much fun! The axe throwing was the one that scared me the most but I loved it. x


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