A day trip to Warwick castle - Warwick castle birds of prey display

If you know me, you'll know I am fascinated by anything to do with animals. When I was at Warwick Castle I was excited to see a birds of prey display, we ended up missing the first showing because we were booked into the dungeons but thankfully they run two a day so we waited until three o'clock. I was a bit should we wait or not because I did want to explore more of Warwick before we had to go home, but we waited and I'm so glad we did! 

Anyway before we watched the show we headed up the the birds of prey area to have a look at all the birds they have which included crowned eagle, bald eagle, grey eagle buzzard, Egyptian vulture, verreaux's eagle owl and a white backed vulture. The Egyptian vulture did capture my heart a little with his pointy out feathers.

I can't remember the guys name who displayed the birds unfortunately but he was really engaging, entertaining and informative.

birds of prey warwick castle
The first two birds we saw we two bald eagles who are mother and daughter, I do apologise for the photos I have taken, trying to capture a flying bird is quite difficult! 

The second bird was the Egyptian vulture who was very good at flying low over peoples heads but quite bad at landing! 

Thirdly was the owl, he was one mischievous owl and put on a very funny display. Since he is quite new to being part of the show (I think!!) They wanted to introduce something a little more interesting to his part of the show, the idea, the owl flies of into the tree, the guy chucks a dead chick onto the ground, owl instincts kick in and the owl flies out of the tree and demonstrates to the audience owl hunting techniques and how they use their talons. All of this went to plan up until the point were the owl landed then cautiously bent down and picked the food up with his mouth, no talons! This happened twice, and no word of a lie he gave the trainer the cutest puppy eyes because he got it wrong. 

Lastly, the big part of the show was the Andean condor who have one of the biggest wing spans at 3.2 meters. 

I was in amazement, the bird was stunning and so beautiful to watch flying around. The whole display was really impressive and a must go see if you are it Warwick castle. It's actually inspired me and a friends to start a Falconry course sometime in November, which I am so excited about! 

Have you watched any birds of prey shows or visited Warwick castle before, let me know! 

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