Review - Bouffe Dry hair spray*

I'm one of these people who think hair can make or break an outfit, my hair always fails in doing what I want it to do. I also have very flat, thin hair and I've tried everything to give it a bit of volume from curlers, back-combing, drying my hair upside down etc. When I do get a little bit of volume I put hairspray on it hoping it will hold but it will always fall flat no matter what! 

The Bouffe thickening hair spray (£5.99, 200ml) which comes in different shades, my hair being dark brown. The bouffant hairstyle was allegedly created for Marie Antoinette by her hairdresser who had relatively thin hair and wanted thicker locks.  This product aims to boost roots and maximize volume.
bouffe dry hair spray

The bottle has to be shaken before use and left to set for a couple of seconds before styling. The colour matched my hair perfectly, although do be careful to avoid any splatter on to your face!! The product did give my hair more volume and bounce which I was very happy about. The volume lasted throughout the night/day whenever I used it. Although the product does do exactly what it says it will there were a few things I didn't like. The product is meant to feel weightless, offering texture to the hair, however I could feel this in my hair and it made my hair feel horrible! I hated touching my hair when I had this in, it also made my hair very hard to brush through. The product washes out with shampoo, and you can see it washing away in the water. It was easy to remove but I did shampoo my hair several times just to make sure it was all washed out. 

Has anyone else used this product before? Let me know what you thought or share any hair boosting tips below! 

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