Review - Keep me going breakfast cereal*

I'm one of those people who has to eat something before they leave the house for work, college etc. If not my belly will be moaning away at me wishing to be fed! My breakfast of choosing for most days because it's quick and easy has to be cereal. Cereal is always labelled as being quite a healthy product, low in fat and will keep you fuller for longer etc. However when you look at cereal you will see that most of them are quite high in sugar and salt, and for me personally it never leaves me feeling full for very long. 

Keep me going (£2.65) was created after Richard (the creator) noticed how much salt and sugar his children was consuming just from cereal and set out to to create his own low in sugar and salt, have nutritional benefits and a low GI, this proved to be a challenge and took two years to create. Made from wholegrain barley and oats it aims to keep you going until lunch time.  The product is aimed at the whole family and has trading cards and clues in the boxes for kids.
keep me going breakfast cereal

My thoughts, the cereal isn't the most exciting cereal to look, it looks exactly how you think barley and oats would look like packed into pillowcase shapes but it is appealing. The taste, I'm not sure how to describe this taste, its odd. At times I found it quite bland but on other occasions the taste reminded me of chocolate, either way the taste was not horrible in anyway (well I found them edible). I ate this cereal with milk but for a more sweeter taste you can mix this with other cereal or try it with yoghurt and fruit. So the main thing for me with cereal is the leaving you feeling fuller for longer part, I could only eat a small amount of this cereal at one time because it always filled me up which was a good thing, how long did that feeling last? To be honest it varied from day to day, sometimes I was fine, other times I was feeling a little peckish, however it did make me feel fuller for longer in comparison to other cereals I've eaten. Would I buy this cereal? I do think I would, its not the most exciting product but the purpose of the cereal is there to be healthier etc. 

What are your favourite ways to eat cereal? 
  1. My breakfast is always an egg in a basket and a banana. It keeps me full the whole morning!
    I have a weird way of eating cereal, usually I use just a little milk and a TONS of marshmallows. Microwave it and yummy!! :P

    The Vintage Owl | Bloglovin

  2. My breakfast constantly changes- some weeks its a specific cereal, others its toast and for a while I constantly was having boiled eggs and a smoothie! I would like to try this though and maybe have it with some flavoured greek yoghurt!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!


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