Review - silk fibre brow enhancer*

silk fibre brow enhancer review
Eyebrows help frame and shape your face, for me my eyes and my eyebrows are important features when it comes to make up application. The silk fibre brow enhancer (£19.99 from boots) is an instant brush on brow extension for thicker and fuller brows. It works by sculpting the eyebrows with tiny fibres. It comes in four colours, light, medium, dark and very dark (I opted for dark.) The powder takes 60 seconds to set and the four gram bottle is meant to last for around 120 applications.
silk fibre brow enhancer review

The product comes with a doe foot applicator wand screwed into a pot, the product is easy to use by starting at the bridge of your nose moving towards the arch of your eyebrow and turning the applicator on its side for thinner parts of the brow. The applicator does lack precision and might not be good for those who have thinner eyebrows. The dark colour I chose matched my eyebrows perfectly. 
silk fibre brow enhancer review

Since the product itself is a powder I did have a problem with this, the product goes everywhere! When you take it out there is spillage so a few taps before applying is recommended, however even after I had tapped away any excess I still had some landing on my face so I would suggest applying this before foundation etc.  At the end of the day the product is easy to remove with some hot water or wipe. 

The product does do as it says, it gave me thicker and fuller brows, however I don't see it achieving more than what a eyebrow pencil or shadow can do. Saying that though I do think it is a product I would consider buying again.

Let me know what you think! 
  1. Looks like a great idea but in my opinion, there are other products which are more subtle.

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. They do make the eyebrows very big and bold but I love that, although it's not to everyone's taste!


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