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natural balance foods trek
Natural balance foods is a website offering healthy, vegan and nutritious snacks to eat on the go, as breakfast or as part of your lunch. I was kindly sent a box of trek protein bars (16 pack box for £15.95) which included the flavours of cocoa oat, oat raisin, cocoa coconut, original oat, morning berry and banana bread. Trek bars are something I have spotted in shops and purchased before, this is due to them being 100% whole food, with no added sugar or gluten. I am impressed with the wide range of flavours they have on offer. 
natural balance foods trek

I really like these bars and even though they are protein bars it doesn't mean you have to exercise or go to the gym to eat them, they are a great way to provide protein in your diet as well as providing energy. There bars taste quite sweet which is surprising since their sugar content is low and only have natural sugars in the product, with oat products you can expect them to taste a bit dry and bland but these are so nourishing. They are slightly crumbly but that is one tiny fault!  My favourite flavours have to be cocoa coconut and the banana bread, they were yummy! My mum also ended up loving these and raided the cupboard every day for one! 

Overall, they are a great healthy snack and they are something I often purchase on lunch breaks although I do feel buying a box of 16 is a better investment!

Have you heard of trek bars before, let me know your thoughts. 

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