The Little Things

My friend bought me some holiday gifts from Portugal, a new minion (yes I have a strange addiction) and other cute things, I love the little hand-painted Owl. 
I was also gifted this beautiful, handmade Rabbit, isn't she adorable? It was bought on etsy from a shop called lilyceramic who makes beautiful ceramic pieces from animals to necklaces. 

Whenever I am given flowers, I always take one or two of them and press them between pages of books. I don't know why but I like the idea of having them 'forever.'
I've had my sewing machine for almost two years and I've barely used it, the thought of using it scares me a little. Things going wrong, getting stressed out etc. However, the other day I finally made time to have a go on it, using a project from a past crafty creatives box. I was enjoying myself and then I ran out of the white thread I was using, typical.

What little things have made your week?
  1. Your friend came to my country hahahaha I'm from Portugal :D
    Love the owl, super cute! And the minion is just perfect! :D

    The Vintage Owl | Bloglovin

    1. The minion is cute!! aha he said it was very beautiful!!

  2. yes more minions! :D and I totally have that sewing machine, but in pink :) jenny xx

  3. I have a huge sewing machine never used it! Don't get now tbh love that rabbit will check her etsy store x


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