All Black Friday - Boohoo collaboration*

The colour black, my sister seems to think I have too many black clothes. I, however think you can never have too much black, it is a staple colour and goes with everything. When boohoo asked me to style an all black outfit in the run up to Black Friday I jumped at the chance. Black Friday has only really started to become a thing over here in the UK so be sure to pick something up in the boohoo sale!! It is rare that I do fashion posts on Dainty and Ivory, they are something I wold like to do more off but I hate being photographed! I would have liked to have taken photos more fitting for an all black outfit but I'm busy seven days a week so didn't have the time! 

So since I do wear black clothes a lot I tried to go for clothes that are different to my usual style and step out of my comfort zone a little! The first item I spotted was this gorgeous Chelsea longline crochet hem top it's a perfect casual top that can be worn with a number of things. It's comfortable and perfect for winter. I love the crochet detailing it's such a pretty lace pattern. 

Next up are the monochrome leggings! These are 100% something I might not pick up but I really wanted to create a laid back outfit and not use black leggings for once. I wasn't sure if I would like them but I love the pattern! With black leggings the crochet pattern from the top is lost with these leggings you can see the detailing. 

I then teamed this look up with jelly block heel sandals, I am smitten with these, they are gorgeous! They've become my new favourite shoes to wear, they are perfect to help create a grunge look.

Lastly, I added the tribal tusk pendant which is perfect for dressing this outfit up a little.

So this was the casual look I created. Next I wanted to an outfit that could be causal but also be worn on a night out.

I opted for the capped sleeve woven playsuit, I love the print on this and it is so comfortable to wear. It's a playsuit I'd feel comfortable wearing on a night out with no tights and a pair of chunky heels and during the day I'd stick with ankle boots or flats and a thick pair of Winter tights. I think this playsuit can be dressed up and down in so many ways! 

Again I know outfit posts are rare on here, next time I'll promise to improve my photos but let me know what you think!? 

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