Getting Christmas creative with Snapfish*

I'm sure your blog list has been filling up with posts related to Christmas, I'm often reminded its only so and so days away. I love the idea of getting creative at Christmas and one way to do this is using photographs. Snapfish is a website I love using for prints, they are affordable, really good quality and have speedy delivery, as well as offering a wide range of other items. 

I had a few ideas in my mind about what to make, the thing is I don't have many personal Christmas photos online they are all stacked away in boxes and mainly in the attic, so when it came to printing Christmas related photos to get creative with I opted for free vintage images I found online (with a few Christmas ones of my dogs.) 

So when I think of Christmas I think of warmth, candles, glitter, snow, reds and greens, so I tried to include these elements in my ideas. A lot of them involved gluing! I also have to apologise for the lighting the downfall of rarely getting to see the Sun during winter! 
I love old jam jars and using them as tea light holders, so for this I simply used a photograph of a Snowman (to personalise you can use photos of your own snowmen.) I stuck this on using PVA glue then decorated the glass with metallic silver paint. 

Another jam jar idea, this time I used a mini jam jar to create a photo holder although the same idea can be used as placements on a table etc. I really struggled getting a photo of this so I hope you get the idea! I filled the inside with white glitter to create the snow effect, I then glued in a snowman and Christmas tree figurine to create a mini Christmas wonderland. I punctured a hole through the lid using scissors, I then glued glitter to the lid (although this could have been slightly neater.) I used some flexible wire to create my holder, I glued it into place then shaped the holder. 

I also made a Christmas photo magnet using an old frame and magnetic strips, again I painted this silver, cut and glued the photo into place and added the magnetic strips. I decorated the outside of the frame with a Christmas tree and another Snowman. I also really wanted to find some vintage style frames, paint them and tie ribbon around the top to make personalised photo decorations but my trip looking for these was fruitless! 

I've also used the photos I got printed out to make decoupage decorations, gift tags and more but lost the photos so hopefully I'll be able to retake and show with you another day.  

How would you use photos to be creative?

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