Review - AA Skincare lavender and tea tree moisturising lotion*

aa skincare moisturiser review

I've spoken about AA Skincare on my blog before, they are a cruelty free, paraben free product using natural ingredients. 

I had been using the Lavender and Tea Tree moisturiser (£6.96, 100ml) for over a month (it's the moisturiser I chose to take to America with me) before I ran out. The product is designed to hydrate, protect and restore the skin. It is a light and easily absorbed mosituriser that sinks into the skin quickly. 

I suffer from problem skin, so with its key ingredients of lavender and tea tree it is naturally antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-fungal. Whilst applying my skin felt slightly tingly (in a good way!) fresh and clean. My skin overall looked a lot clearer and felt smoother. 

The moisturiser is perfect to use daily and nightly and works well as a base for make up. The product has a herby Lavender top note which I love. 

  1. The moisturiser sounds great and is pretty affordable too! I love the scents of lavender and tea tree and what they do for your skin.


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