Trek America Southern Sun - Day two

Day two - Washington DC

My first night of camping wasn't the best, I didn't sleep too well, I kept waking up, rolling around to get comfy. I woke up pretty early in the morning to get ready, I think it was these moments in the morning that I was thankful at times because it allowed me a little bit of alone time. After I was ready Phil had set up breakfast which consisted of cereals, bagels, toast, fruit etc. 

We left camp at around quarter to nine, although this was a free day we had a guided bike tour at 10 am which was included in the price of the tour. The company we went with was called bike and roll when we arrived they fitted us with helmets and made sure we had the correct bike/seat adjustments. I was a little bit apprehensive at first, I couldn't recall the last time I was on a bike! I was wobbly at first and even though they had set the gears, my bike didn't feel right, it felt like the I was peddling too much and I couldn't get my head around on how to work the gears... 

We had such amazing weather in Washington DC it was so sunny and warm, which might not have helped being on a bike and being unfit, several times I thought I can't do this! I think the tour was around two hours long but I'm not entirely sure and you don't have to do it. The tour included the Lincoln Memorial it was nice seeing the difference during the day and night, although I think I preferred it at night with everything all lit up. Next was the Jefferson memorial, the tidal basin makes it look like the memorial is situated in a middle of a lake. The memorial itself is really majestic.  The tour also include the new Martin Luther King Jr. memorial. I also learnt the difference between a monument and a memorial, a monument is built whilst a person is alive and a memorial after the person has died, memorial makes sense but I didn't know the monument fact! The tour was really good and it was fun getting to see Washington DC in a different way and even if you aren't the fittest of people like me it is doable. 

After the bike ride we had free time to do what we wanted, we were recommended the Smithsonian museums because these are free. But before we went anywhere we went to find food, I wasn't really hungry but went along anyway, one of the girls on the trek had been living in Washington DC for a year so recommended a great place to eat which served food from around the world, although I can't remember the name! The first museum we visited was the air and space museum. I love space, telescopes, stars and planets, I would describe this museum of the technical aspects of going into space, hows its done, the machinery they use which is interesting but I also like the dreamy idea of walking around a museum with fake planets and stars everywhere. However I did get to touch a part of the moon. 

The next museum we went to (which isn't a Smithsonian but still free) was the Holocaust museum. Went you go in you are handed a little booklet and inside the booklet is a true story of people who were involved in the Holocaust, you can read the booklet as you go along and see how this person lived at this time in history. I didn't take too many photos because I felt disrespectful but it was intriguing and heartbreaking at the same time. 

After the bike ride, it made Washington DC feel like everything is close together, it isn't! Everything is spread apart and it takes ages to walk from one place to the next. As a group we walked to the White House and it felt a lot closer than it was. The White house is such an iconic building, I've seen it countless times in movies, in the news etc. so I was really looking forward to seeing it and honestly I was slightly underwhelmed. I'm not entirely sure why but I'm happy that I got to see it. 

We had planned to meet Phil out trek guide at six but sure to the distance from the Whitehouse back to the The castle we was late!! We all saw of held our heads low and apologised a thousand times, he had bought us lots of pizza for dinner and we sat and ate it in the gardens whilst he went over more trek information, it was a really nice end to our day in Washington DC. Back at camp we set up a fire and sat around that until it was time for bed.

(I am going to try and make my trek america posts as detailed as possible and fit as much in as I can remember, if you have any questions about the tour ask in the comments below and I will do an FAQ at the end. I also was not planning on having these posts so few and far between but I've been so busy!) 

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