Crafty Creatives - November 2015 - Rag Rug Wreath

Getting into the Christmas spirit lasts months box was to make a wreath, the kit came with a variety of different fabrics, backing felt, a prodder tool, a piece of hessian, pine cones and a copper wreath ring, there was also meant to be a loop for hanging but mine was missing this. 

crafty creatives rag rug wreath
crafty creatives rag rug wreath
This was a new craft to be and I was slightly daunted by it at first but once I got into it it was really fun. The instructions were really easy to follow and I love the end results. The hardest and not so fun part was cutting up the fabric!

Have you made anything for Christmas this year?

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  1. This looks awesome! What a fab result. This box looks ideal to get a bit of creativity into your life!

    Jasmin Charlotte x


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