Create a salad with Florette*

People often assume that vegetarians eat healthy, maybe they do and maybe it's just me who snacks on a lot of junk food and eats meals full of carbohydrates... Anyway, it is important to me to try and stay healthy and create or try out recipes. Salads can be one of those things I 'umm' and 'sigh' about sometimes they can be interesting and full of flavour, other times they can be really plain. Florette gave me the opportunity to create a salad of my own for their low calorie meals campaign in exchange for a book called 'A salad for all seasons' by Harry Eastwood which is full of yummy salad recipes.

Due to lighting I did struggle getting a good photo of the salad but hopefully you get the idea!

I made a bowl of salad to have as a side with homemade quinoa burgers and sweet potato fries, but this can easily be eaten as a main.

You will need -
One bag of Florette's classic crispy salad.
Two avocados.
Olive oil.
Cherry tomatoes.
Two peppers.
One red onion.
Sea salt.

Firstly, the avocado and the best way to describe this has to be mushed, you can do this by hand or use a spoon to make it into a paste. Once you have the avocado as a paste mix it through with the salad. Chop up all the vegetables to the size of your choice and mix through. Sprinkle sea salt, I also put a little bit of paprika into this and drizzle with olive oil and stir again. Personally, I am not a fan of avocado but I love this salad.

Let me know what you think.


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