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Look good, feel better is a cancer charity that is all about helping sufferers combat the visible side effects of treatment. They offer advice on hair and beauty and focus on helping patients feel better about themselves. This isn't for vanity reasons a lot of people feel out of control and down whilst facing cancer and having a method to help boost their mood and self esteem gives them control back, my Grandma for example who has been battling cancer for a year simply feels better having a good bra...

You can help support look good, feel better through purchasing any of the make up brush range or set. The makeover brush set (£24.99) contains the powder brush, finishing brush, detail brush and a tampered blending brush. I am not a make up expert and if you were to hand me these brushes I would not have the tiniest clue which each brush is used for so what I love about these brushes it has the name on each brush which is helpful for someone like me, there is also tutorials and how to use each brush on the look good, feel better website. 

look good feel better make up brush
The brushes come in a nice, secure little case which protects the brushes when not in use. Each one of these brushes is such good quality, the brushes are really soft and gentle on the skin. I have used brushes in the past from different ranges and noticed there has been no shedding. 

Each one of these brushes does the job they were designed for they are super easy to use and I've been won over by them. 

Do you use make up brushes?

*These brushes were sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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