Trek America Southern Sun - Day 10

Lake Charles, LA to Austin, TX. 300 miles, 340km.

In the morning we got to have a bit of a lie in and more time to get ready, so for breakfast (not me) we had bacon and eggs, something a lot of the people in our group had been craving! 

Crossing the state line into Texas was sort of a big thing for our group and meant we were halfway through out trip. We stopped of at the visitor centre to pose with the big Texan star and walked around. In the van Phil presented us with gifts to welcome us in to Texas because Texans are proud people! 
Our campsite was the SE Austin/Bastrop KOA campsite and unfortunately it was located an hour outside of Austin. The site however was nice, even though it was quite a walk to the toilets and shower facilities. We also spotted the cutest, tiniest of dogs! We set up camp, I was happy because my tent friend was meeting her Texan friend so that meant I had two nights of having a tent to myself which was nice! Afterwards we had the most amazing curry before we got dropped of in Austin to explore 6th Street. 

I love the nightlife in America, I think it might be down to the fact everywhere is 21+ so it seems a lot more mature in comparison to the nightlife in the UK. We found a cute bar which had a rooftop bar filled with fairy lights and a live band who played pretty good songs until we left. We drank and danced and it was fun. The only downside was having to leave so early to get back to the camp ground. 

(I am going to try and make my trek america posts as detailed as possible and fit as much in as I can remember, if you have any questions about the tour ask in the comments below and I will do an FAQ at the end.) 

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