trek america southern sun - Day 4

Day four - Appalachian mountains to Ocoee, TN. 200 miles, 320km.

I can't remember what time we left the mountains, it was pretty early. We had a three hour drive to Ocoee. We also had our first food shop today, the group was split into teams of four (although we had a group of three) and you work on a rota of cleaning, cooking and washing. For food shops we were given a list of breakfast and lunch essentials to buy then food of our choice for the night we would be cooking, once food shopping is done you are allowed to go around and pick up things for yourself. After this we packed up everything in the van and carried on a journey to our campsite, again surrounded by breathtaking forest. America is so large and so many areas seem so rural that I have no idea or can even imagine people living out there. 

Our campsite was located on the adventure unlimited grounds, the campsite was nice but there is literally nothing to do there. Today was the day to go white water rafting, if you didn't want to do that, the only option was to stay at camp. Two of the girls weren't keen on going white water rafting, one of them had recently done it whilst the other was unsure about the whole thing but both ended up going because they didn't want to do anything.

I couldn't wait to go water rafting, my first time was in Canada and it was so much fun however this time around the rapids were rated a 3/4 grade. I put on my swimming costume, wore a long top over the top due to feeling a little self conscious and wore water proof shoes which all of us picked up in the morning for $3! 

We were took to the sight in a old fashioned school bus, which was pretty cool. Once we arrived we were split into two groups, our guide was called Chuck and he was a little crazy!! We were shown the safety procedures, how to paddle, yet Chuck did it a little different and taught us in the water and convinced us all we would be going over a 7ft drop (we didn't.) Once this was over we carried our raft down to the water whilst Chuck proceeded to dress up as Santa Claus. 

It was insane, not one person in our group could stop smiling or laughing. The rapids were so much fun, a few times we had to duck down into the raft as water engulfed us and we jumped around in the raft, personally I was thankful I didn't fall out! I can't remember how long we was out on the water for but I did not want it to end, I highly recommend doing this! Once it was over we got back onto the school bus and headed to the toilets on camp to have a hot shower to warm us up. 

For the rest of the day we relaxed around camp, hung our clothes up to dry, did little things like sorting suitcases out. After dinner our guide Chuck showed up and had drinks with us, we had a camp fire going whilst they set up the game for the night of 'Dirty Jenga' although I say dirty loosely. It was really fun, however it was one of those games that got repetitive quickly. Lots more people showed up later on and we spent the night talking to them, there was dancing, Korean alcohol and lots of laughter. It was such a fun night and one of those days I will remember for a long time. 

(I am going to try and make my trek america posts as detailed as possible and fit as much in as I can remember, if you have any questions about the tour ask in the comments below and I will do an FAQ at the end. I also was not planning on having these posts so few and far between but I've been so busy!) 

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