Trek America Southern sun - Day 5

Day five - Ocoee, TN to Nashville TN. 175 miles, 280 km. 

We got a slight lie in today which was nice, I think a lot of us needed it! Although I can't say I've been sleeping much better in the tent, also at this point I had started to get really bad leg cramping in the night which wasn't fun at all.In the morning we had a visitor in the name of Alex the dog, who gave us puppy eyes in hopes to be fed. We did find out that he lives across the road from unlimited adventures and that once someone fed him a hot dog and that is why he continuously comes back, such a cutie. 

It took us three hours to get to Nashville, we opted to stay in the Nashville downtown hostel instead of camping. Nashville wasn't a place I was particular looking forward to, I didn't know much about the city itself other than being famous for country music. We got there pretty early in the day and I wanted to go and explore but everyone else was having showers, doing laundry etc. which was slightly annoying, having to wait around for everyone. A few people went of to the country music hall of fame whilst the rest of us explored the streets, we went in souvenir shops, listened to singers in bars and I fell in love with Nashville pretty quickly. It is such a cool city with an amazing atmosphere. 
At seven we met everyone back at the hostel to go out for dinner together. We ate a place called dicks which might not be everyone's cup of tea because basically you are paying for a bad service and insults, everything you wouldn't want from a restaurant! Everyone got given paper hats to wear which had a insult on which was pretty funny, but mine hit the truth... 'My bra size is Kleenex' sob. I had my first root beer float which was yummy but the food was not great, the only thing I could eat being a vegetarian was either cheese straws or nachos, I had the nachos which were cold and full of processed cheese, it was so large as well I ate about a quarter of it. 

Afterwards we went to the Wild Horse saloon to go line dancing, well not me. I watched the others do it really well, they then dragged me up and I did it so badly, dancing and picking up routines quickly is not my forte but at least I gave it a go and stepped out my comfort zone. Some of us then went to Honky Tonks, a three storey bar with live music. We met lots of people, listened to amazing music. Everyone is so friendly, a Canadian guy tried to teach me how to country dance, swinging me around and swizzling me under his arm. I then got talking to two American guys, although I can't recall half of the conversation. We ended up staying until it closed. Me and one of the girls then walked the streets, looking for somewhere else to drink and had a drunken girl talk and ended up bumping into some people staying in our hostel, stealing a beer then drunkenly returning to our room trying our best not to wake everyone else up. 

(I am going to try and make my trek america posts as detailed as possible and fit as much in as I can remember, if you have any questions about the tour ask in the comments below and I will do an FAQ at the end. I also was not planning on having these posts so few and far between but I've been so busy!) 

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