Trek America Southern Sun - Day 6

Nashville, TN to Memphis, TN. 210 miles, 340km.

After falling asleep in a drunken haze I had forgot to set my alarm, so I had a quick rush of getting ready, having a quick shower to freshen myself on and felt thankful my hangover wasn't so severe. After checking my bag to make sure I had everything in there from last night I found a yellow rose inside my bag, which was a nice surprise however I cannot recall how it came about, maybe someone bought it for me or maybe I found it and took it!! I slept pretty much the whole way to Memphis, one thing I have noticed on this trip is that I do suffer from travel sickness and not once on this trip did I get it, no idea why. I can't last five minutes on my bus into town without feeling nausea but here I was fine... 

Memphis was hot! We camped at the Graceland RV park which is located pretty much right next to Graceland. Although our campground was nice, we were far away from Memphis, although there were other optional activities listed on the trekamerica website the only option here was to go to Graceland or stay at camp. 
graceland trekamerica

I wouldn't say I'm the biggest fan of Elvis Presley but I do enjoy his music and listen to it occasionally and Elvis is pretty iconic so I had to do the tour. The tour was quite surreal, the area is quite built up now but I can imagine how perfect it was having this house in the middle of no where. The mansion was gorgeous, at the beginning of the tour you are giving headphones and a tablet which you use as you follow the tour around the house it gives you information and facts about Elvis, the room you are in etc.  
graceland trekamerica

graceland trekamerica
All of the rooms were immaculately well preserved, one of my favourite rooms was the Jungle room it even had a Panda bear teddy. The pasture was also gorgeous. I also loved the fact you could go inside Elvis' planes and look at his automobiles. I also really loved seeing all his outfits on display from her performances and his films. It is odd though, everyone knows everything about Elvis, his life, there are no secrets it is all there on show for everyone to see. Although I had no idea he had a twin brother who was stillborn, that he cheated on his wife and the amount of charity work he did. After the tour I wandered around by myself looking for souvenirs since my Mum is a big fan I had to get her something.  

It was our turn to cook tonight and I must admit I felt like a loose part! But our food was really nice. Afterwards we headed to Beale street which is a boarded of open canned street full of bars, I love this, I really wish we had places like this in the UK. The atmosphere seems so much friendlier and relaxed in comparison. 

(I am going to try and make my trek america posts as detailed as possible and fit as much in as I can remember, if you have any questions about the tour ask in the comments below and I will do an FAQ at the end. I also was not planning on having these posts so few and far between but I've been so busy!) 

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